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An office move, new military assignment or desire to be closer to an aging parent are a few reasons why buying an out of state house makes sense. Wanting to initiate personal change is another reason why you may want to buy a house in another state. A faraway house move positions you to make new friends, discover new job opportunities and advance your education at better schools.

Before you buy a house in another state

There are many benefits to be gained from moving into a house in another state. Yet, there are also challenges to buying a house in another state. To start, it won't be as easy to house shop in the other state. Distance alone will make it harder to keep going out and visiting open houses. Distance will also make it harder to accompany your realtor on trips to private home viewings.

The latter point proves to be yet another reason why you need to pay special attention to who you choose to be your realtor. When buying an out of state house make sure that you confirm that the realtor has an active license.

Ask for realtor referrals from people you know who currently live in the state that you want to buy a new house in. Speak with two or more actively licensed realtors, asking about their commissions, how long they have been buying and selling houses in the area and where they most want to live in the state. Other steps to take before you buy a house in another state include:

  • Visit the area two to three times before you buy a house. Devote two trips to house shopping.
  • During one of the visits to the new area, checkout shopping centers, entertainment spots, restaurants, community facilities and schools.
  • Ask someone you know who is well versed in the area to show you around. This is an excellent way to see the city. You'll learn about major roadways and hot spots, places you might miss if you tried to learn the area on your own.
  • Talk with people who are currently living where you want to buy a house.
  • Consider renting a house or an apartment for three to six months, until you find a permanent home that meets your family's wants.
  • Rank neighborhoods in the area on housing costs, property taxes, schools, income and sales taxes, community services, walking scores, businesses and entertainment.

Don't let buying a house out of state stop you from a job relocation, moving closer to family or moving to an area that puts you closer to the experiences that you want to enjoy. Get a reliable, licensed realtor who knows the state that you want to buy a house in and you could reduce the challenges related to the move. Researching the area where you want to move also helps, even making you feel as if you know the new place better than you would if you waited until you moved to start exploring the town.